Before You Begin

1. Consult with your doctor to ensure you are able to work out and have no pre-existing condition that may cause you to injure yourself by preforming exercises with our REP100.
2. Read the manual thoroughly and watch the instructional DVD that comes with your REP100. Follow all safety instructions posted on the warning labels on the base of your REP100.
3. Use the REP100 on a level surface. If used indoors it is suggested you use it on carpet or a mat, but not essential.
4. Remember to warm up and always stretch before and after any exercising.
5. Retract bands with caution.
6. Do NOT change levels when bands are tensioned.
7. Always have one foot placed on unit when extending bands.
8. Rotate handles to suit specific exercise.
9. Do NOT over exercise when first starting program. REP100 is designed for you to work at your own level.

If you feel faint, dizzy or experience any pain discontinue use of your REP100 immediately. Injuries may occur if exercising incorrectly.
REP100 assumes no responsibility for personal injury or property damage caused by or through the misuse of your REP100 unit.
This product should not be used by pregnant woman or any persons with pre-existing medical conditions without consulting with your Medical Practitioner.