REP100 Your Health & Fitness Solution

The REP100 is an Australian owned and Australian designed ‘resistance exercise platform’ that has been created for the needs of those wanting to increase fitness and strength, whilst improving their complete body shape by toning and assisting with weight loss.

 The Rep100 uses resistance band technology coupled with our patented adjustable dial system, which gives one set of resistance bands the function of many.  Essentially, each adjustment can create a varying strength of resistance, depending on the particular exercise OR the strength of the person working out.

With the REP100 comes a pair of balance beams that clip under the platform to allow for a full core workout during every exercise.

Another feature to the REP100 is 4  x clip on wheels, adding to the versatility of the resistance exercise platform. With these wheels in place, the REP100 transforms into a rolling platform that can be used perfectly for abdominal work and other exercise routines.

The REP100 also comes with a set of ankle straps which allows you to tone and shape those leg muscles.

Finally the REP100 comes with an optional extra. A pair of raised blocks which are easily clipped under the base of the platform to convert it into a versatile step platform, giving another series of available exercises to add to your routine. 

The REP100 was created so people all over the world could own a piece of exercise equipment that makes a difference to their everyday lives. By exercising with the REP100 you can get a complete body workout that will improve your strength, fitness and agility, plus help you lose weight and tone.

Our REP100 is a product that can be utilised by people of all ages and from all fitness levels.  It has also been found to be an excellent rehabilitation activity tool which is extremely safe to use.