REP100 is a full day course. In this course we develop you to learn and better understand correct application of technique and use the correct coaching methods. This will help you deliver an excellent service to your clients. Our mission is to ensure quality education to all trainers and for them to pass that on to their clients. The course is prac­ti­cal and func­tional with empha­sis on being able to rapidly apply what is learned. If you have a group of 6 or more our trainers can come to you .E-mail info@rep100.com

1. Correct use of REP100
2. How to create a full body workout using REP100
3. Different types of training that can be implemented
4. How to effectively use REP100 add ons.
5. The benefits of resistance training.
6. REP100 Vs Free Weights.

You will receive

  • 1. 6Cecs
  • 2. Cardio  DVD
  • 3. REP100 official handbook
  • 4. Certificate of completion
  • 5. Ongoing support



Location:   2/68 Church st., Whittlesea. Victoria. 3757.


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