Dear Friends, Thanks for being on promotion in Greensborough Plaza Sue & Myself felt blessed and a real God thing" A Christmas blessing" with your amazing creativity in designing such a great appliance to aid us both in our health and exercising  program as we celebrate our  25th  wedding anniversary in 2014. We  hope to take it with us as we sail in the South Pacific Cruising, through the Islands  what  a romantic time we  will have …... us and the REP 100 a winning team. Best Christmas Wishes and a blessed New year 2014 From D & S


Thanks REP100. What an amazing piece of exercise equipment. I can't believe I can do so much with it. I love that I can work everything, and the balance beams make it so tough. I was so, so lucky my mum bought it for me for Christmas. What a great suprise. What a little secret your REP100 is, everyone needs to know how great it is. I am definately telling all my friends about it. It is also nice to know that it is Australian. Thanks CC


I purchased the Rep 100 to take with me on holiday so I could work out while I was away. I try to complete two videos in each session I do. When finished I am fatigued and perspiring so I know I am getting a solid workout. Initially I fumbled a lot and had to pause the video when  changing positions and exercises. I also had no idea of what number to put the band on, BUT now that I have been using it regularly I am much more efficient at change overs and band adjustment level changes. I used the Rep100 regularly whilst away and am still using it regularly now that I am home. I am very pleased with my purchase and am reaping the benefits of being able to work out anytime, anywhere. Ta AB


Hi All, I brought the rep100 for my 16yr old son for Christmas as he is very much into fitness,originally l was going to get him a gym membership then saw this at Greensborough. He was quite excited and uses it daily and l have given it a go myself and will continue to use it daily now that the Christmas period is coming to an end,regards KF